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We are calling the nations of Europe to gather online because now is the time to pray for our Continent

Guest Lineup

Johannes Hartl
Rich Dicas
JJ Waters
Jerome OCampo
Christophe Domes
Lizzi Yentumi
Ina Steyn
Rachael Howson
Christiane Hammer
Rebecca King
Pippa Baker

Steve Tebb
Teo Hayashi
Andy Byrd
Jean-Luc Trachsel
Irène Nlandu
Sean Kwon
Carl Tinion
Luke Greenwood
Lynn Green
Frank Pot
Lynn Green

Werner Nachtigal
Wes Hall
Rev Betty King
Benedicte Mella
Debbie Wright
Phil Summerton
Sarah Clarke
Michelle Joy
Gaspar + Felhaus
Vivi Assakura
Michael Ball

Sarah Whittleston
Brian Heasley
Lucy Grimble
Laura Taranto
James Aladiran
Eva Sarsa
Wesley Zinn
Linda Stalley
William Porter
Sarah Bruehl

Uprising Europe 2020 is in partnership with Europe Shall Be Saved

How To Give

We want to bring together as many praying people together from all the nations of Europe to contend for breakthrough and awakening. To make this dream accessible to all we have decided to stream Uprising 2020 for FREE.

Despite the event being hosted online, there are still various costs to make this whole thing run smoothly and with excellence. Therefore, would you consider partnering with us and donating to Uprising Europe, and be a part of the next great awakening in Europe.

Register today to be notified when the event starts and sessions are live

Where is the event?

The event is being streamed online, meaning you can relax from the comfort of your home on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or smart tv. 

We will be live streaming the event on our Facebook page which you can follow by clicking the link below.

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 +44 (0) 5603 870329